UCG TRUST | February 2024

UCG TRUST | February 2024

February turned out a notable month for our platform compared to the previous period. We've succeeded in new achievements in the overall performance with regular monthly growth. 

Our platform creates opportunities for businesses to access the finance they need in a simple way, helping thousands of businesses to create new jobs and, on the other hand, giving a stable income to our investors.

We believe that success can only be achieved when all parties benefit from the cooperation.

2023 results

To keep you updated, we would like to share with you the key figures for the end of February 2024:

  • Total amount invested through the platform – EUR 820 million
  • Number of registered investors – 23,617
  • Average investment (per investor) – EUR 34,721
  • Loans under management – EUR 428,4 million
  • Lent to businesses in 2024 (YTD) – EUR 16 million
  • Total interest paid to investors – EUR 87,6 million
  • Interest paid to investors last month – EUR 3,5 million

Thanks to all our customers who have been with us from the start or joined us along the way!