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UCG TRUST is the leading alternative investment marketplace offering individuals and companies to invest in secured business loans. Founded in 2016 with a strong focus on risk management, we became one of the most well performed lending platform with a simple goal - make investing easier for everyone.

We provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to secured business loans, ensuring regular passive income to investors. Our time-tested strategy developed the new standards with more secure lending, which led us to become a reliable partner among private investors.


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  • 24 months - 8,5% APR
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  • 24 months - 9% APR
  • 36 months - 9,5% APR
  • 48 months - 10% APR

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I began investing with UCG TRUST when they had less then 500 registered investors. As of now I rate this company as the best company I invested in. I like their excellent customer service and market leading rates. I’m sure they’ll provide a solid foundation in the future. Without doubt for everyone who seriously interested in building a good investment portfolio