UCG TRUST | April 2022 statistical updates

UCG TRUST | April 2022 statistical updates

Every month our platform is growing steadily and we have almost reached EUR 200 million in loans under management, which is a notable result for us.

Since the launch of UCG TRUST platform in 2016 we have done a tremendous job for making constant progress and deliver high quality services to our customers.

Our Provision Fund for 6 years now continues to prove the current business model as the best protection standard for investments. Up to this date we have had over EUR 480 million invested through the platform so far with NO investor ever losing a penny and we are very proud of it.

To keep you updated, we would like to share with you the key figures for the end of April 2022:

  • Total amount invested through the platform  – EUR 485,5 million 
  • Number of registered investors – 20,268
  • Average investment (per investor) – EUR 24,008
  • Loans under management - EUR 192,5 million 
  • Lent to businesses last month – EUR 7,7 million 
  • Total interest paid to investors – EUR 47,1 million 
  • Interest paid to investors last month – EUR 1,57 million 

It is a pleasure doing business with you!


Best regards