People often ask

How to create an account?

It is very easy. All you need is to complete a registration form using your personal data and e-mail

Who can invest?

Both individuals and entities can invest at UCG TRUST. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account

What is the Verification process?

Each investor has to go through KYC verification process, which is required by AML regulations.

The Verification process is easy and takes up to 15 minutes, in some cases up to 24 hour. All you have to do is upload your identification document (Passport or national ID card) in your UCG TRUST account.

Once the verification process is completed, you can fully use your account without any future requests of any additional information (such as utility bills, etc.)

What is the minimum amount that can be invested?

The minimum amount is 3,000 EUR or GBP

What is the minimum period of investing?

The minimum period is 24 months

What is the APR?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the fixed annual interest paid to investors based on their investment plan. APR depends on the currency and on the period of investing. Details about investment plans you can find on the page "About"

How do I transfer funds to my UCG TRUST account?

You can transfer funds to your UCG TRUST account easily via bank transfer. Normally, it takes one business day. You will receive an automatic email notification when your account balance has been updated.

Please be advised, some bank transfers can take up to 3 business days. In this regard, we recommend sending a payment confirmation (screenshot, receipt, etc.) to [email protected], so we can process your payment on the same day.

How often do I get interest payments?

Interest is accrued on a monthly basis on the 1st day of the month for the previous month.
For instance:

invested amount is €30,000

investment period is 24 months

APR is 9% which is €2,700

In this case, your monthly interest will be around €225, which you can reinvest or withdraw to your bank account at any time

Can I reinvest my interest?

Yes. You can reinvest your interest by adding your available funds to the principal amount of your investments

Can I add more funds to my current investment account?

Once the investment account is activated, you will not be able to change the amount. However, you can have multiple active investment accounts, so you can open a second one at any time

How do I exit my investment?

After the expiry of your investment account, you can withdraw all your invested funds by submitting withdrawal application form. Early termination is not provided

What fees are applicable?
There is no fee for servicing your investment account. Our profit depends on how we handle borrowers and the less default loans we have, the more profit we receive. Therefore, we approach our investments with great care and diligence
How is income taxed?
The income earned at UCG TRUST is taxed for each investor based on legislation of the respective country where the investor is a tax resident. As laws vary in each country, for more information, please consult the appropriate revenue service or a tax specialist
How does UCG TRUST work with borrowers?

UCG TRUST invests the received funds from investors into secured business loans.

Interest rates on the loan are calculated based on the borrower's credit rating, its creditworthiness and assets that will be used as collateral

Each borrower is given a Grade rating that ranges from A to E, which directly reflects the interest rate on the loan from 10% to 16% APR

In case of loan approval, the company transfers lending funds to the borrower's bank account.

How does UCG TRUST protect my investment?

We use several methods of money protection:

  • We provide lending only to businesses secured by their assets, which can be used as collateral
  • Business owners are required to provide a personal guarantee to limit the possibility of the business defaulting on the loan
  • We set up a Provision Fund, which automatically reimburses investors if a borrower misses a payment
Why UCG TRUST does not provide a loan list on the website?

The main goal of our company is to make investing simple for everyone, whether you are an expert or just a beginner.

Furthermore, if borrowers miss or fail to make repayments, our Provision Fund will automatically reimburse the payment. Therefore, you no longer need to analyze each loan, wait for your income and guess when a borrower will make repayments since our team will handle it for you. As a result, there is no need to provide a loan list.

We simplified the process as much as possible for you as an investor. Your investment accounts at UCG TRUST operate in a similar manner as typical savings accounts, where you receive regular monthly interest payments within your investment plan.

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