UCG TRUST expands lending on Malaysian market

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UCG TRUST expands lending on Malaysian market

UCG Malaysia

Today UCG TRUST opened doors for borrowers from Malaysia. Now Malaysian small business owners can apply for loans on UCG lending platform.

This decision was made at the board of directors meeting, since the Malaysian market is rapidly growing and the segment of the lending market for small businesses does not get much support from local banks. Last week there was a meeting in Kuala Lumpur with representatives the partner bank partner Hong Leong Bank that previously agreed to provide services to our borrowers.

Compared to bank loans, such financing provides competitive interest rates and requires no collateral. This is an ideal short-term credit solution for working capital needs, strengthening of business cash flows, expanding business operations, financing newly secured projects, equipment purchases and covering operating expenses. Also it's an excellent option for younger, smaller, revenue-generating SMEs that do not have the necessary collateral to apply for bank loans. The application process is simple and fast, usually less than 10 minutes. The end-to-end process usually takes less than a week compared to 2–3 months for most banks.

Another important point is that the Malaysian government significantly promotes regulatory policies such processes, which provide additional security for investments in this market


Deputy Minister of Finance Johari Abdul Ghani allegedly told local reporters: "There is great potential in leveraging P2P platforms to raise funding for Malaysia in the same way such platforms have yielded $25 billion for the U.S. in 2015."