All investments are secured by the company under AASA

invested so far$143,690,910

All investments are secured by the company under AASA


Investments through UCG TRUST marketplace involve lending to small businesses through UCG lending platforms providing an additional diversification for investors and investment protection under AASA.

AASA is an All Asset Security Agreement. This agreement was signed between all UCG members who are involved in lending by UCG TRUST investments. AASA ensures the payments of the owed funds to investors.

It means that in case of any missed payments or other defaults on the part of the borrowers, UCG TRUST will cover it with other assets by the part of UCG lending platforms under All Assets Security Agreement.

Today, UCG TRUST is the only platform on the market that provides additional security of investments. All the above stated facts makes it possible to attract investors and to regain trust that was lost by financial institutions after 2008.