invested so far$143,690,910


About Us

UCG TRUST is one of the best marketplace for private investors.

UCG TRUST is an investment marketplace that connects capital investors with borrowers from all over the world of non-bank lenders. It is a new alternative to the traditional banking system.

We provide lending to small businesses fully online combining 5 lending platforms in United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malaysia and India. All the risks of investing in lending secured by the company under AASA and investors receive an annual income with a fixed percentage on investment during all the investment period.

«UCG TRUST is the start to transformation of traditional banking system»

$143 Million

invested so far


private investors





Join thousands of investors
earning solid and fixed annual returns


  • 12 month - 9,5 % APR
  • 24 month - 10,75 % APR
  • 36 month - 12 % APR
  • 12 month - 9,25 % APR
  • 24 month - 10,5 % APR
  • 36 month - 11,75 % APR
  • 12 month - 9 % APR
  • 24 month - 10,25 % APR
  • 36 month - 11,5 % APR


How to invest?

1. Press on "OPEN AN ACCOUNT" and fill in the registration form.

2. Select the currency, amount and the period of investing.

3. Choose a convient way for money transfer.



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Every time someone else will enter your personal PROMO CODE in its investor application form at the opening of the deposit account, you will receive a one-time bonus of 1% of the amount of his deposit.
For example: some of your friends or colleagues that you have invited opened deposit accounts totaling $100,000 USD and they entered your personal PROMO CODE in the investor application form. In this case, they will receive an additional 1.5% per annum and you will receive a bonus of $1,000 USD on your additional account in MY ACCOUNT.

What is the promo code and where to get it?

So, if you have a valid deposit account in our company you can get the promo code by clicking on "Generate my PROMO CODE" in “MY ACCOUNT”. This personal PROMO CODE assigned to you and is your career number in our company.

How it works?

All you need is just send an invitation to all your friends. There is a column “Invite a friends” with automatic and manual options of invitations in the section MY ACCOUNT. Clicking on “automatic option” our company will generate an automatic invitation email with your Promo Code to all your contacts from the previously sent emails. In “manual option”, you will be given a chance to enter email addresses manually of individuals that you wish to invite.